About Us

Who We Are

People sourcing specialist with more than 15 years experience in handling Integrated DOMAIN Specific and ACTIVITY oriented Solutions with expertise from wide spectrum of industry.

With rich and diverse experience of being an HR service organization, we focus on Ethics, Values, Continuous Improvement and Transparency.

We also strive to provide Best Quality HR services with consistency in order to act as a catalyst to our client’s Success.We aim at transforming as a preferred HR Services Organization catering to different Industries and functions coupled with corporate social responsibility.

With a focus on delivering customer delight, we adopt process driven systems to approach the possible solutions. We further serve our clients by carefully crafting tailor made solutions and customizing services to suit our client’s needs, through various verticals of services which include recruitment, training, consulting, outsourcing and research.

Our Objectives

Response time after sharing the requirement is 24 - 48 hours

75 - 80 % Accuracy (profile matching with the requirement)

Customer satisfaction Index should be 3.5 - 4.0 out of 5

Our Vision

Ignite to succeed and be the better than the best.

Our Mission

Ensuring the complete customer satisfaction by using people, process & technology.

People Point Travelogue

The journey started 20 years back & The pace is picking up every minute , we have miles to go & we are prepared & thrilled.

Our travel has seen paramount peaks , deep abyss , vanilla plains. – we have been responsible & time bound travellers, seasons have seasoned us.

We have been gathering like minded intellectuals in the form of customers, employees, partners. Our relationship has been mutually beneficial.

All our relationship are long term & evolving, trust & understanding has been the simple secret.

We have not lost any of our associations in the journey.

Our errors are minimal & our experiments continue.