Payroll Management

Payroll Management is an efficient way of managing all kinds of financial obligations towards your employees. As your business expands, managing timely and accurate disbursal of salaries and other perks become a challenging task.

People Point Solutions takes complete responsibility of managing your company's payroll. Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, our flexible payroll service helps improve your payroll management and reduce costs. Our Complete Payroll solution is extended through state-of-the-art software that take cares of the end to end payroll cycle.

Our team of experienced individuals is adept at managing payroll processes of varying complexities. We can guide you to streamline your processes and setup internal systems to calculate salaries, tax deductions (TDS) and other payouts like employee provident fund, perks and benefits, etc. Our experts are well equipped to resolve your concerns.

Various complexities come along with payroll management such as - calculating the ratio of perks, bonuses, deductions, and other reimbursements of employees. Our experts will not only help you to manage your payroll, but also educate and advice you for a better understanding of the payroll systems.


Payroll Cycle