Competence Domains

Sales – Marketing - Including front end sales executives, team leaders, marketing managers, MIS executives, monitoring solutions and assessments

Customer Support – across the business bandwidth to provide in bound, out bound and other service support in addition to redressal management, data support etc

Customer relationship – Teams for providing and enhancing relationship value of the client and interface with the organisation

Documentation and processing – Various support and process management executives, domain specific to handle bulk and custom made requirement of the industry.

Back and front office support services – Non core but essential staffing for various support functions including back and front office executives to provide efficiency and effective solutions.

Common application form feeding – TAT based data capture. Digitising & storage.

Auditing – Branch Audit / Service Audit / Mystery Audit / Store Audit.

Data Mining & Validation - Customer relationship deepening, touch points,up selling.

Ancillary Solutions – Vendor Management, Payments, Translational services, presentations.

Supportive Solutions – Request tracking, complaint management, compliance solutions.Survey solutions.

Verification services – physical, tele & third party.

Relevant data creation – data construction through various means.

Data validation – checking the credentials & updating

Data enrichment & refinement

Call metrics & pitch – we can touch 1200 to 1500 data points a day , we can handle multiple languages.

Lead generation & fixing f2f meeting – we can generate up to 15 to 20 appointments a day.

Inside sales – depending on the nature & price of the product we can sell online & on phone.

Inducting & monitoring direct sales team.

Tele support services.

Training solutions.

Customer retention services.

Lead Generation.

Data sourcing & validation.

Client activation & Support.

Customer care & support.

Business intelligence reporting.


Infrastructure creation & Technology adoption.

Scripting to requirements.

Out bound & In bound calls.



Target management.